About Mixology

Located in the middle of the most epic culinary and entertainment center, Mixology Soju Bar & Brasserie has become one of the best icons that always wanted and crowded.

Mixology aimed to become a diverse place where everyone is welcomed and able to socialize with other people without boundaries. With the hectic lives for whole community inside or even outside of Jakarta, it provides a great ambience space to hang out with friends or even make new friends.

The vibe pulsates in its lounge for people who love to chill and drink, as well as a dance floor those who is ready for wild and crazy parties. Mixology committed to deliver for everyone to present the most memorable experience of the night.

With it’s minimalist yet modern atmosphere and also differ from most common bar, the layout is dominated with dark colors, mixed with elements of wood and green décor in purpose to create a cozy lounge seating area.

Mixology PIK

DJs are playing throughout the night with updated new music, and to keep the standard off the chart,

Mixology always bringing the game to the next level by creating new events with unique and thematic concept, including high profile DJs during weekends and public holidays.

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